Welcome to Monk Builds for Diablo 3

May 14th, 2011


This site lists the best Diablo 3 monk builds and has information on how to properly play your monk. There is a large number of diablo 3 builds that will be viable in the game and it will depend on what content you are doing, if you are grouped, what classes you are playing with, play styIe, etc. I will be listing Monk builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Diablo 3 Monk and the skills available to them.

If you have any Diablo 3 Monk builds you would like to submit to this site please email them to admin@d3monkbuilds.com. When you submit a build also submit information on how to play the build and any other relivant information(how to gear, gem, etc). Please use the Battlenet Diablo 3 character builder as it is currently the most up to date engine for making D3 monk builds.

Here is a video that IGN that shows a brief summary of the monk class.

Here is preview look at monk armor with all the dyes available:

Diablo 3 Monk Builds

D3 Monk PVE Builds:

Monk Ranged Support Build - Casting Breath of Heaven every 12 seconds regardless of need provides permanent 16% attack damage buff to whole team. All other skills all regen team health, increase team damage, decrease mob damage, and/or slow mobs.A Wizard with Galvanizing Wand Passive will have constant 930 hp regen/sec with this build.

Monk Group Support Build

Monk Party Support Build

Water Monk Build

Air Monk Build

Fire Monk Build

Earth Monk Build

High Healing Monk

Offensive/Defensive Power Monk Build - Build for Softcore for all around offensive/defensive power.

Hold Ground Build - meant to stand against enemies and facetank them with EP/windforce. Low mobility, high survivability.

Monk Isolate/Confront Build - meant to isolate enemies/pick off stragglers and kill them. Very defensive build.

High Mobility Monk Build

Spirit Monk Build - This is the high spirit cheerleader monk build :)

Monk HC Build - Preliminary HC build.

Good Basic Monk Build

Attack Speed Build

Beserker AOE Monk Build

Ranged Damage/Healing Monk Build

Healer/Defender Monk - Weapon style (usually either fast dual wield(fast/high spirit), skill damage daibo(skill damage), or whatever maximizes skill effectiveness(max 2 skills)): max 2 skills
Role: keep allies alive any way possible, healing heavily damaged allies and scaring away mobs at the same time when needed.

Tank Monk

CC Monk Build

Dodge Monk Build

Combo Monk Build - 5 skill combo monk. Theoretically it can deal out 2221% damage, if the +damage bonus from WoL and Blinding Flash adds on to total damage. The best weapon would be a high damage diabo to maximize damage.

DPS Tank Monk Build - combo is 3x DR +18% BOH +15% then MOC + 48% then SSS total +81% at 1007% weapon damage then finish it off with way of hundred fist will still have +57% damage all the time/ 3x DR to restart the combo. dashing strike is used to get in and out of combo zones. you can also and way of hundred fist while you have cooldowns.

Healer HC Monk Build

Elemental Dodge Tank Build - The point of this build is to be a dodge tank with increased elemental resistances.

2 Handed Transcendence / Spirit Generation Monk Build - The premise is that you're going to want to get up to your full 250 spirit on trash mobs and be ready to use your big spenders when you need heals.

Damage Tank Build

Heal Tank Monk Build

D3 Monk PVP Builds:

The arenas are not going to be out when the game is released so PVP builds are not needed at this point.

PVP Monk Build